About us IOA

Welcome to Oaxaca’s Institute of Handicrafts (Instituto Oaxaqueño de las Artesanías), an autonomous body under the administration of the Government of the State of Oaxaca, through the Ministry of Tourism and Economic Development. This decentralized organization is one of the many institutions in charge of promoting and encouraging the State’s development.

The IOA (by its acronym in Spanish) is responsible for the operation of the Store of “Folk Arts and Industries in Oaxaca” (ARIPO by its acronym in Spanish). ARIPO (which stands for Artesanías e Industrias Populares de Oaxaca, i.e. “Folk Arts and Industries in Oaxaca”) was the Institute’s original name and is now the name of the store where direct buyers can purchase the aforementioned products.

The Institute’s main goal is to promote and coordinate the development of folk arts, in order to improve the living conditions of artisan’s families, through various support programs. With over 30 years experience, it has managed to boost the crafts production of several of Oaxaca’s cultures, while spreading and promoting them, because acknowledging, appreciating and sharing artisanal work is the best way to preserve the heritage and patrimony of Oaxaca’s indigenous people.

Nowadays, in addition to handling sales, Oaxaca’s Institute of Handicrafts (IOA by its acronym in Spanish) supports craftsmen by offering a safe and fair marketing channel; moreover, it encourages and supports the creation of training courses and technical advisories for artisans, allowing the institution to bring together thousands of people engaged in this noble and creative activity.