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This is an online store created by Oaxaca’s Institute of Handicrafts (IOA by its acronym in Spanish), residing at Garcia Vigil Street # 310, Colonia Centro, zip code: 6800 in the city of Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca. Its main objective is to publicize the State’s great artisanal wealth, making it possible for you to acquire some of its best craftworks from anywhere in the world through our secure shipping and payment systems.

In order to help you find a specific product our website provides you with two different search engines:

Using the “navigation menus” located at the top of the page, through which you may access the website’s different classifications and product groups.

Using the “product finder” located at the top of the page; the search result will display the available related items depending on the input data.

Once you have found the product, you can find more information by clicking on the product’s name or picture. This will bring you to the product’s information card which includes a detailed description of the product, the artisan’s data, a list of similar products (i.e. elaborated using similar crafting techniques) and other relevant information.

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In order to proceed with the payment you must follow each and every one of the instructions on screen following the PayPal secure payment process and providing all the information requested.
All the personal data provided for this purpose is encrypted to ensure its maximum safety and is hosted on a certificated secure server under the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

Oaxaca’s Handicrafts reserves the right to request any User who has made a purchase to justify the payment thereof and/or identify themselves by providing through any electronic means (fax, email or similar) a document which identifies them as the buyer and which includes the delivery address.

These security measures are a testament to our willingness to protect IOA’s customers against possible bank fraud.