Magic Route of Crafts

The Magic Route of Crafts offers you a wonderful opportunity to discover the artistry and creativity with which the artisans from the six communities that make up the route work their crafts, providing each and every piece with exquisite detailing thanks to the love and dedication they pour into their art.The tour includes the possibility of witnessing the artisanal processes performed by Oaxaca’s great masters, who strive to preserve and pass on the crafting techniques which have been taught from generation to generation. Their great skill and talent has made very popular the folk arts elaborated in Oaxaca’s Central Valleys, uplifting Oaxaca’s reputation and spreading its magic and culture beyond borders.

You will also visit the different communities dispersed across the route, in which handicrafts such as wood carving, black pottery, tin glazing, weaving (with silk or cotton) and knife crafting, (whether they are used as utensils or mere ornaments) are key to the family and community economy. You may also enjoy the region’s traditional and delicious food, visit the local museums and temples, dwell among the inhabitants and, most of all, fill your eyes and soul with the colorful and magical craftworks brought to life by the skilled hands of Oaxaca’s artisans.