Packaging Experts

ARIPO (Oaxaca Handicrafts) guarantees that all of your purchased items will be delivered to their destination without problems. With this in mind we hire FedEx services and carefully handle and pack each craftwork. This is how we make sure your purchased item(s) suffer no damage.

First we carefully wrap each piece individually in 8cm (3”) thick air cellular cushioning material which protects the piece by absorbing any possible impact the package may suffer during transportation. Then we seal the wrapping material with adhesive tape to ensure the piece will be completely protected.

Next we choose a corrugated cardboard box, with a size that allows an 8 cm (3”) margin between each side of the piece (already wrapped) and the box. Once we have a box with the perfect size we prepare it by filling the bottom with peanut foam (up to 5 cm or 2” high)

Afterwards we place the piece above this soft cushioning. Once the piece is inside the box, we fill it with more peanut foam on the sides and the top of the box thus keeping the piece from moving around in the box and adding a second protection layer against possible impacts.

The box is now ready to be closed. We seal the inner box flaps with plastic adhesive tape first and then we tape the outer flaps. Finally we stick the “fragile” labels on the sides and the top of the box which is now ready for shipping.

FedEx system provides us with the label with the shipping address you specified earlier. You can track your shipment using the FedEx code that we will provide you. Enjoy your new handicraft!