About us ARIPO

Oaxaca is Mexico’s main handicraft’s producer; therefore, it is nowadays among the leading marketers of these kinds of products, bringing them into new national and international markets.
It all started in the street of Garcia Vigil # 310, in 1981. The institute is located in a mansion with a large garden and an architecture which reminds of colonial times. A journey to the past awaits behinds its doors. Eventually the place became known as ARIPO (by its acronym in Spanish which stands for “Folk Arts and Industries in Oaxaca”). With the passing of time this site became a must see for Oaxaca’s visitors becoming bigger year after year, with an increasing amount of handicrafts to cover the growing demand.

Nowadays ARIPO is home to the handicrafts from the different communities and the 8 regiones in the state. When buying at ARIPO, the consumer purchases high quality products and contributes directly to foster the development and the improvement of the artisanal community.

In 2004 ARIPO became Oaxaca’s Institute of Handicrafts, and expanded organization with the long-term goal of supporting Oaxaca’s artisans. In addition the institution encouraged the participation of craftsmen and women in numerous competitions.

The store located at Garcia Vigil still retains the name: ARIPO to honor the tradition and retain the magic, which years ago brought this place to life under that name. Also, the name became an immediate reference, and maintaining it helps new visitors to easily locate the renowned crafts store. ARIPO Store Street: García Vigil #310, Colony: Centro, Zip Code: 68000, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca. Telephone: +52 951 514 0992.